how to win cash and prizes

Get Started Now

step 1

Download PlayVIG

PlayVIG is currently only available on PC.

We recommend your system have the following capabilities:

  • 1 Mbps or better upload speed
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • At least 110MB of hard drive space
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768



step 2

Sign up & verify your email

We’ll send you a verification email after you created your account. Make sure to click the link to verify your email.


step 3

Choose and launch your game

Select from the available games.

If you don't see your favorite game, check back soon. We're adding new games regularly.



step 4

Check the game requirements

Each game has its own set of requirements. These must be followed so PlayVIG can grade your results.

These include supported game modes, in-game settings and PlayVIG grading conditions. 



Choose a Contest

Quests: Complete the objectives to win VIG Coins. The harder the task, the more you win. Available 24/7.

Leaderboards: Compete against others. Move up the Leaderboard to win more VIG Coins. Keep trying - only your best result counts.




The PlayVIG app tells you what to do each step of the way!

Click "Start Playing": Watch a short video ad to gain entry to the Contest

Launch your Game: You're now ready to  start to play

Minimize PlayVIG: The app will change from pink to green indicating that you are active in the Contest

Complete the Game: Finish playing your game and wait

Results Pending: PlayVIG will turn yellow as it grades your results

Won your Quest?: PlayVIG maximizes and the VIG Coins are added to your account

Didn't Win?: Another ad will play and you can try again!


Spend your VIG Coins 

VIG Coins can be redeemed in our store for the latest packs, crates & DLC, gift cards, gaming gear and more. We keep it fresh - new items are added regularly.